Frédéric d´Ard

Marble Sculptures

Frédéric d´Ard

Portrait Frédéric d´Ard

Frédéric d´Ard about his work:

I love working with “my” stone – the light that breaks in the crystals of the marble and brings it to life. Marble, whether from Italy (Carrara, Lasa, Massa), Greece (Tassos, Dionysos) or Ruschkitza (Romania), has a life of its own. You have to understand marble and approach it in a precautious and friendly way. Marble is like an animate being, whose trust needs to be gained before one can beginn working with it. This stone, in its seeming relentlessness loves to be touched like anything living and gives the impression of becoming soft and smooth without losing its durabilty. While being worked on it seemingly collaborates. Marble sculptures invite you to touch them – they feel warm. The true sculptor loves seeing his creations are being “caressed”.

I also love working with Rosso di Verona, which is unbelievably carnal virtues in its color diversity. Through polishing, the black belgian marble obtains a fascinating luster, which has the observer spellbound. Grey Pietra Santa captivates through its gorgeous texture and portugese Estremoz through its enchanting pastell colors. All of these stones yield to the artist to become works of art. The sculptor is an artist who requires mastery in his craft.


Dott. Prof. Antonella Serafini, Art Critic:

“Frédéric d’Ard, a versatile and stong-willed artist, turns every piece of material into an integral part of his artistic expressiveness. He refers to himself as coming from the “good old school, where mastery of the profession was of umost importance”. Inclined to not accept borders or ideological projects, his works of are developed on the edge of emotion.

Not even a hard and willfull material such as his beloved marble, filled with historical memories, can curb his fantasy.

An organic tendency is omnipresent in his work and stand for beauty in form. Frédéric d’Ard style konsists of various poetics.”


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